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Rearrange PDF pages

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Reorder, rotate and delete PDF pages for free

How to rearrange PDF pages

Click the “Add file” button to upload a document to rearrange its pages with PDF Candy. All the pages of the document will be shown as thumbnails after the PDF is uploaded. Drag and drop them to change the page order in a PDF, and delete and rotate certain pages if needed. Click the “Rearrange PDF pages” button to create a new file. Download the PDF to your computer or upload it to your Google Drive and Dropbox.

Easy PDF page organizer

You may reorder PDF pages in two easy ways. Drag a page's thumbnail and drop it to a new place to rearrange pages manually. Use the “Sort” option in the top-left corner of the viewer to arrange the pages in reverse or direct orders automatically. We recommend you combine these two methods to increase productivity.

Rotate or delete PDF pages

Not only can you reorder PDF pages with this tool, but you can also rotate and delete some of the pages. Hover the mouse cursor over a page's thumbnail to see the available options. Click the “X” icon to delete a page and use the magnifying glass icon to get a closer look at it. Click the green buttons below to rotate a page clockwise and counterclockwise.
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Reordering PDF pages is a lot easier than first splitting a PDF and then merging the resulting pages in a new order. Save your time with the “Rearrange PDF pages” tool by PDF Candy. The options to preview, rotate, and delete PDF pages will help you to not only rearrange pages but to also manage the file in full.