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Convert PDF to editable DOCX document for free

How to convert PDF to DOCX

PDF Candy offers a simple and fast way to convert PDF to DOCX format: add a PDF document (upload from your device using “Add file(s)” button, drag and drop it or upload it from Google Drive or Dropbox accounts) and allow the service to process the file right away. Save the DOCX file by pressing the “Download file” button or upload it to Google Drive or Dropbox.


There is no need to worry about the privacy of the files uploaded to PDF Candy. The whole process is completely secure and your files are not handed over to third parties or used for any other purpose other than the actual conversion.

Editable DOCX files

If you’re looking for a PDF to DOCX converter, you are most likely trying to find a way to edit your original PDF file as text. This online converter by PDF Candy generates editable text files that you can modify according to your needs and preferences.
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