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Add watermark to PDF

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Add watermark to your PDF document online

How to add watermark

Upload a PDF file to which you want to add a watermark: use the drag and drop mechanism or hit the "Add file" button. Enter the text of the watermark or upload an image. Select the opacity and position of the watermark on the document’s pages, click the "Add watermark" button, and download your new PDF.

Use text or image

This online tool offers you two ways to add watermark to a PDF file. You can type in text or upload an image from your device to be used as a watermark for your PDF file.

Access from anywhere

No need to worry about the system requirements or OS if you need to add a watermark to PDFs with PDF Candy. Simply open your preferred browser on any OS (Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, etc.) and start working with your documents right away.

Add watermark to PDF. Tutorial.

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